HVA-2 vulcanizing accelerator

HVA-2 vulcanizing accelerator

  • HVA-2 vulcanizing accelerator
Model No.: Actmix®HVA-2-75GE F140
Min. Order: 600kg per item
Packaging: N.W.25KG/Carton lined PE bag;N.W.600KG/Pallet
Delivery Time: 7 Days
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand: Actmix, OEM
Certificate: ISO9001/ISO14001, SGS test

Product Description

1.Product composition:
Approx. 75 wt% N,N`-m-Phenylenebismaleimide (HVA-2, PDM, PBMR, HA-8)
CAS No.: 3006-93-7                              
EINECS No.: 221-112-8
Approx. 25 wt% polymer binder and dispersing agent


A non-.sulfur curing agent for rubber cable, can replace the thiazoles, thiuram and all sulfur vulcanizing agent


Product Active Content % Color Filtration
Binder Mooney ML(1+4)
Density (g/cm3)
 HVA-2 -75GE F140
75  Dark-yellow 140 EPDM/EVM 50 1.25
*Other binders, such as NBR, SBR, AR, ECO also can be available for.
Please refer to related MSDS.
Net weight 25kg/PE bags lined carton; N.W. 600kg/pallet.
Non-wood pallet size: 1.1x1.1x1.0m.
Shelf-life: 1 year in its original packaging.
Stored in a dry and cool place.

4. Properties:


HVA-2 combined with Sulfur used in natural rubber, can prevent reversion, improve heat resistance, lower heating rubber. It can be as vulcanizing agent, also can be as peroxide additives agent. HVA-2 used as vulcanizator or auxilliary vulcanizator for various kinds of synthetic rubber, can significantly improve the heat-resistance and cross-linking. HVA-2 can also significantly reduce rubber compression, improve the metal rubber and cord adhesion strength, prevent rubber scorching in the process. HVA-2 not only applicable to regular rubber parts, can also be applied to large tires and special big specification rubber parts. HVA-2 is a sulphur-free vulcanization agent, can be used for rubber cable, can be substitute of thiazole, thiuram all sulfur vulcanization agent, can solve the copper wires and copper electric appliances, due to exposure to sulfur vulcanizing agent generated black copper sulfide pollution problems. 

5. Dosage: 


0.5-1.0phr as a scorch retarders; 2-3phr if as a vulcanizator; 1.5phr as to improve compression deformation; 0.5-5.0phr as for improving bonding strength

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