Rubber Accelerator & Chemicals

Various products of Rubber Accelerator & Chemicals, providing product images and basic parameters with each Rubber Accelerator and CBS Rubber Accelerator; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Rubber Accelerator & Chemicals, and look forward to your cooperation!

Rubber Accelerator & Chemicals Description

Ningbo Actmix manufacture the specialty rubber accelerator, curing agent, antioxidant and processing promoters, especially Non-nitrosamines accelerator, including:

Curekind® ZDTP 

Curekind® MTT

Curekind® DTP

Curekind® ZBEC

Curekind® TBzTD

Curekind® DTDC

Curekind® Retarder E

Ningbo Actmix have complete quality inspection system,ensure every batch of products can meet the customers' request. Have got the REACH pre-registration for many items. 

Ningbo Actmix will offer you best quality, best service and better environment.